Who's behind
Coco Frutti?

A family matter

At coco frutti, we are completely dedicated to our customers: providing them with an experience that will allow them to start the day on the right foot. Everything produced in our kitchen respects this philosophy: freshness, fast and attentive service, and a warm atmosphere.

A choice of nutritious lunches is essential to recharge the mind and body. Come and enjoy our dishes combining a variety of fresh local and tropical fruits and vegetables, dried fruits, nuts and other quality ingredients for a marriage of colors, flavors and textures.

Complete your meal with one of our specialty drinks. Fresh coffee, cappuccino, herbal teas, chai tea or freshly squeezed juice. You will see our rich, creamy fruit smoothies made right in front of you at our juice bar.

Our lunch menu includes deliciously marinated poultry, fish and red meat, served with a colorful salad. Exquisitely prepared by our passionate chef, our lunches will leave you satisfied for the rest of the day.

Celebrate your special occasions with us by inviting your loved ones to Coco Frutti in our section reserved for groups, where you can enjoy your special events more intimately. Bon appétit!